Thursday, 31 December 2015

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tutorial for Consistant Profits by Flipping Sites on Flippa.

When I first started internet marketing, I've seen that many one was interested in getting profits, which are in lazy ways. So I actually built my adsense empire somewhere online, and what surprise is, this doesn't seems only in my favour but everyones, even in Warriorforum.

I then list out a site of mine which consistantly profit $15 a day, my reserve price was $2,100 but somehow ended up $705.

Which is a disgrace to me, but somehow I just spent as little as $40 and around 75 days times to ended up this $705. Overall my effort are not waste, just not that much as expected.

And again in 2013, there are opportunity for this, undoubtly the low cost high paid still exists, which are all explained it here.
15 Undiscovered Ways to Make $2,000+ Every Month With No Traffic and No Revenue Sites

If you've enough patience to build an empire, why not take a try on it, which however consume a little of your time.
One thing I forgot was, their flipping were differ from mine, from what I know is that, their method takes even little cost and time.

Thanks for reading and hope you could be one of the flippa emperor.